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- 713-510-9632 for any questions!

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Welcome, my name is Chad, wildlife removal specialist and owner of Masters Services.

If you have a critter living unwanted in or around your home or business give me a call.

This animal might be residing in your attic, yard, garden, on roof or in your sub-division.

Whether it is a rodent or reptile being a pest to you: snake, rat, bat, raccoon, opossum, squirrel, birds etc.

We will come right out and HUMANELY capture and relocate your problem causing critter.

Our rat and bat exclusion work come with a guarantee.

We are here to handle all of your animal removal problems.

Serving The Greater Houston Area.

Poison is Pointless


Rat Removal

Please be sure never to use poison on any animal.

Rats are the only animal we have to kill to capture and we do not use poison on them.  Poison won't stop rats that move in next year, but my exclusion will.  Never pay a company to spread poison.

Why not?

Using poison will kill some rats (dumb ones).  They will go die in dumb places like in your walls or under your attic insulation. A company that spreads the poison does not search for dead rats.

After death, the decomposition stage occurs which will cause a massive stench for over a month lingering in your home!!!

Many people are forced to leave their homes in these cases.

If you are here because a company placed poison in your home, then refused to come remove the deceased, we are able to take care of that for you.


CALL: 713-510-9632

How to Get Rid of Wildlife in Houston
If you do not want to go through the tedious process of killing a rat or other wild animal, you can always avid getting in contact with them. This is the best way, which shall lead you to access high quality results easily. At the end of the day, you want to lead a life, which is free from rats, which cause menace, havoc, and even lead to disease contraction. You can use many ways you can use, which are safe, and will make it easy to avoid getting rats, and eliminating the rats that are in your home. When choosing the method of getting rid of rats, you need to
  • Focus on the budget
  • Time it will take to get rid of the rats
  • Future results
  • Costs of the enter program
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety measures
You do not want to choose a method, which makes it harder to obtain the right results. This is common when you choose an eradication method you do not completely understand or you have not tested its effectiveness. At the end of the day, you want to get rid of rats using the safest methods, which will not necessarily involve killing them.

Home repairs
When you do some home repairs, you will discover some small holes, which the wildlife use to enter your home, or granary. You can use the repairs to seal all holes, which the rats have access. This means you will block their entrance. You also need to change from use of timber to metal. This is because rats shall not have the chance of accessing or citing through metal to get into your home. Start with this process and you will find that is very easy to get rid of the rats.

Many people do not have fences in their homes. You can use the fences to eliminate wildlife, from the streets from accessing your house. When you use fences, the rats will not find a way of entering into your compound. However, this is not the same when you have an open compound, which does not have any fencing. You also need to eliminate the live fences, since the rats can pass through. You can use electric fencing, or stone fencing to prevent rats in your compound.

The best way to get rid of rats is through the prevention process. You will not need to go through the tedious methods of killing, setting traps, or investing highly in a professional provider. Through the prevention process, you save costs, and time of eliminating rats. The best way of preventing rats involves clean surroundings, and do not leave food lying all over the place. You also need to eliminate factors, which will attract rats. Building using timber is a way of attracting rats. You can use metal detectors, or lift your granary a few inches from the ground.

Exclusion is also an ideal way of getting rid of rats. You will do this by segregating or keeping them from your home using methods like cats, or fences. This means the rats will always remain far away from your home or office as possible. This method works well since you do not need to immense measures to curb the rat menace.

Trapping seems to work for many people who want to make sure they eliminate the Houston wildlife. When you set traps, the rats will come to them and they shall be trapped and will not find a way of freeing themselves. However, you can use the traps, which will not kill the rats. You will free rats from traps and set them out of the compound.

According to the food chain, cats, or snakes can eat rats. The best way of getting natural results in eliminating the rats involves using cats in your house or compound. They will relentlessly hunt these rats making your compound free from the rat menace. This also acts like a meal for the cats.

You can use the killing method to eliminate rats in your home. If you think rats shall invade your granary and you are looking for an ideal method to eliminate them, you can place rat poison in strategic places. This way, you will not need to worry about cases of rats.

How to eliminate rats without using the killing method
You can get rid of rats without actually killing them. You can adapt many ways you can use to prevent rats from accessing your home, compound and office, and you will not kill them. Rats are animals, which play a key role in the food chain. If you want to live in a place, which does not have rats, choose measures, which will keep you safe, and scare rats away. Using metal detectors, repairing your home, fixing holes, building a fence, or scaring them using a cat are some of the best ways of getting rid of rats.