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- Humane Animal Trapping

- Deceased Animal Removal & Decontamination

- Full Home Exclusion from Rats w/ Guarantee

- Specializing in Professional Bat Exclusion Service w/ Guarantee

- Customer Satisfaction is my #1 Priority

The jobs not done until I know you're sleeping soundly tonight!


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Welcome, my name is Christine, wildlife removal specialist and owner of Wildlife Removal Houston LLC.

If you have a critter living unwanted in or around your home or business give me a call.

This animal might be residing in your attic, yard, garden, on roof or in your sub-division.

Whether it is a rodent or reptile being a pest to you: snake, rat, bat, raccoon, opossum, squirrel, birds etc.

We will come right out and HUMANELY capture and relocate your problem causing critter.

Our rat and bat exclusion work come with a guarantee.

We are here to handle all of your animal removal problems.

Serving The Greater Houston Area.

Poison is Pointless


Rat Removal

Please be sure never to use poison on any animal.

Rats are the only animal we have to kill to capture and we do not use poison on them.  Poison won't stop rats that move in next year, but my exclusion will.  Never pay a company to spread poison.

Why not?

Using poison will kill some rats (dumb ones).  They will go die in dumb places like in your walls or under your attic insulation. A company that spreads the poison does not search for dead rats.

After death, the decomposition stage occurs which will cause a massive stench for over a month lingering in your home!!!

Many people are forced to leave their homes in these cases.

If you are here because a company placed poison in your home, then refused to come remove the deceased, we are able to take care of that for you.


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