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Bat Removal Houston Texas

BIO: There are many different types of bats in Texas. Possibly the most prevalent being the Mexican free tail. Bats are the only mammal that can truly fly. They would prefer to live in caves and trees but buildings and attics are popular as well. Basically they like any structure that will keep them high, dry, warm, and safe from predators. Depending on the species bats will colonize in numbers of hundreds or thousands. Free tails colonize in the thousands. At dusk and before dawn these mammals leave their roost to hunt for insects. In one hour a single bat can consume 600 or more insects, therefore playing a great role in population control. Their mating seasons vary among species but range approximately from May till the end of August.

Nuisance: Bats in the Attic? While they are essential to keeping insect populations down it is extremely hazardous to your well-being to have them residing in your attic. Guano contains many harmful diseases, bacteria, and fungi. Accumulating guano causes conditions for the fungi to grow and release fungi spores. Inhalation leads to histoplasmosis a very nasty upper respiratory infection. Bats are also the leading transmitter of rabies to humans among all mammals. Yes thats right bats! If you come in contact with a bat consult your physician about a rabies booster. If you have bats call the Houston Wildlife Patrol! I guarantee my work will permanently evict bats from your residence or business! I can also decontaminate your attic so you can safely reside in your home again!

Whether it is bat removal at 2:00 am or a colony of bats living in your attic I can come right out to remove the bats humanely from your residence or business.


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