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Bird / Pigeon Removal Houston Texas

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Yourself - When you have pigeons invading your area you must get rid of them in order to keep your loved ones and yourself healthy. The reality however is that not everyone can afford to hire an animal control professional. In those cases you may be left wondering how to get rid of pigeons yourself. The truth is that you will still have to spend some money to rid yourself of your little pigeon infestation so in the end it may still be worth it to call a professional. As you may have already found out, the free method of shooing is not effective to get them away permanently.

To get the pigeons away for good, first you have to see how many pigeons you have and what makes your home attractive to them? Are you feeding them? Do they have a good source of food or water? If food or water is the incentives then all you need to do is to remove that incentive and the birds may leave. Another solution would be to get shock tracks, needle strips or spikes to keep the birds from having comfortable roosts to rest on. You should also make sure to keep any holes or entrances into the area that they are roosting blocked off.


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